Exchanges & Returns

If you are not fully satisfied with your recent purchase, we’re here to help.

You can request an exchange or a return within 14 days after the order was delivered to the address provided.

Any product you return or exchange must be in the same condition you received it. Exchanges and returns will not be accepted for items that show signs of usage or wash, nor if any components such as tags, cups, transportation bags, purchase cards, hygienic protection, or others are missing. Tags and hygienic protection must be attached and unviolated. The purchase invoice must be placed inside the return box.

The return transportation costs will be borne by the customer and the shipping costs of the original order, if charged, are not refundable. Our recycled transportation boxes are reusable! Detach the white band to close it back and use it to return the items to us.

Use the form below to submit your exchange or return request.

Exchange an Item

If you would like a different size, color, or a different model, send us a message using the form available below. We’ll be happy to help.

Return an Item

If you would like a refund of your order. We would appreciate any feedback you could share with us. Send us a message using the form available below.

Request an Exchange or a Refund

Please use the form below to request an item exchange or a refund. Provide as much information as possible. We would appreciate if you could share with us the reason behind your request.

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