About VOLZ

VOLZ is a socially responsible brand that strives to artfully produce high-quality swimwear.

A client-focused company that seeks comfort, versatility, and minimalism.


VOLZ concept was born through the vision and dream of a professional fashion designer and stylist based in Lisbon. Susana Volz has been interested in Fashion for as long as she remembers and starting her own brand has been a lifelong dream.

Partnering up with two childhood friends, Pedro, with strong finance and managing background, and Afonso, an engineer who is the perfect fit to manage and look out for production & PR was the quorum needed to embrace the challenge and pursue her dream.


We believe in the urgent need to flip the switch towards a more sustainable society. Crafting durable pieces using sustainably obtained raw materials is our commitment to diminishing our ecological footprint.

VOLZ built its concept around the vision of our designer – to create pieces handcrafted using high-end materials for empowered and versatile women who don’t give up on comfort, functionality nor style.

Proudly handmade in Portugal.